Study in New South Wales

Studying in New South Wales can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Overseas students have the options of English Language courses, Foundation (University Preparation) courses and both undergraduate and post graduate courses.

New South Wales is Australia's most popular State. In an area roughly the size of Britain, 6.4 million people enjoy bustling cities, wide open spaces and everything in between. The capital of New South Wales is Sydney.

Sydney dazzles and buzzes with excitement. It is the largest and also the oldest city in Australia, since it was here that the first international population settled. Created around one of the world's most dazzling harbours, there's no doubt that the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House deserve their dues.

If your dream getaway is all about golden beaches, spectacular national parks, indulgent day spas and gourmet restaurants, then Sydney's surrounding regions are sure to fit the bill.
All are just a short drive from Sydney- simply hop in the car and before long, you'll be relaxing far from the daily grind.

Escape to NSW's Blue Mountains, just two hours' drive from Sydney. It's the home of Echo Point, where you'll find the spectacular Three Sisters rock formations - one of the most photographed sites in NSW!

The majestic Murray River forms a natural border between New South Wales and Victoria. At 2500 km, the river is Australia's most important inland waterway and the lifeblood of the region.

Few regions are as diverse, exciting and authentic as the New South Wales Outback. Stretching from Walgett in the north to Wentworth in the south, the region offers a taste of the real Australian outback.

Study in New South Wales


Area Overview
New South Wales rests in the south east corner of the Australian continent, south of Queensland and north of Victoria. The most densely populated region, New South Wales envelopes the whole Australian Capital Territory, the smallest self-governing territory responsible for Australia's Federal Government.

Named by Captain James Cook during his 1770s coastal explorations of Australia, New South Wales joined with all but Northern Territory in declaring Federated status in 1901. The region developed an economic focus on ship building, steel, and agriculture. The latter still remains important, but since the 1970s New South Wales transformed economically and socially, bringing to the economic forefront information technologies and financial industries as the primary GSP items, based primarily in Sydney.

Sydney is New South Wales' capital city and is home to approximately 69% of the state's roughly 7 million residents. Tourism in Sydney and the surrounding area accounts for $23 billion and employs 8% of the state's workforce. Accordingly, those choosing to study in New South Wales find a wealth of entertainment, cultural environments, and relaxing past times for any budget and interest.

Study Options
Courses of study in New South Wales can fill the horizon and every degree level possible. Vocational or technical certificates and diplomas, Associates degrees, Bachelors of Arts and of Science degrees, Masters degrees, and doctorate degrees are readily obtainable from a myriad of highly reputable and accredited institutions. Continuing education credit programmes enhance and extend accreditation and expertise, as well.

Because the tremendous number of degree fields and exact titles are legion, a brief sample list might include:

– Bachelor of Arts in Education
– Bachelor of Science in Nursinh
– Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music
– Associates Degree in Computer Technology
– Masters Degree in Business Management
– Doctor of Philosophy in Advanced Psychology
– Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering
– Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry
– Certificate of Completion in Religious Studies
– Diploma in Culinary Arts
– Certificate of Continuing Education in Social Work

Additional career paths possible may include:

– Health Care Administration
– Public Health
– Literature
– Public Safety
– Law Enforcement
– Hotel Management
– Tourism and Hospitality
– Information Technology
– Computer Sciences
– Web and Graphic Design
– Legal Studies
– Political Science
– Diplomacy and International Relations
– Astrophysics
– Finance
– Pharmacology
– Architecture
– Languages
– Social Work
– Industrial Relations
– Marketing
– Sociology and Anthropology
– Economics
– ...And so many more

Study Highlights
Study in New South Wales provides contemporary campus environments, social networking, and athletics for both the highly skilled and the casual enthusiast. Coursework that challenge and broaden thinking and knowledge are supported by extensive libraries, engrossing debate, and state-of-the-art labs.

Some institutions coordinate tours and excursions for students, and whether engaging in a sponsored exploration or on a self-directed expedition, New South Wales presents a kaleidoscope of adventures.

The world-renown Sydney Opera House brings not only superb opera and orchestral symphonies to the are but also hosts burlesque, circus acts, and aerial extravaganzas, comedy plays and musical acts, guest symphonic performances, and world famous performers in contemporary music concerts.

The Sydney Art Gallery offers international masterpieces and artefacts from ancient greats to contemporary artisans.

Enjoy Sydney Olympic Park for picnics, bike rides, a friendly game of cricket, leisurely walks, or simply curling up under a tree with a good book.

Sydney Harbour is the springboard for coastal tours, exploration of Fort Denison, or a step back in history on the Sydney Harbour Islands.

New South Wales offers a smorgasbord of food and entertainment for those choosing to study in New South Wales. Several chefs earned world-ranking distinction for three Sydney restaurants. Waterfront restaurants, international cuisine, and local menus offer flavours for any palate.

Theatres, bars, shopping centres, and attractions highlight the Sydney experience. The Sydney Wildlife Tours, the Sydney Aquarium, and Taronga Zoo top a long list of must-see experiences for students, tourists, and residents.

For those who study in New South Wales, a full range of accommodations are available. On-campus housing enables nearness to classes and other on-campus facilities and activities. Often requiring shared rooms or quads, on-campus housing fully immerses the student in the university experience.

Off campus, students can avail themselves of private accommodations that can range from studios, full layout flats and apartments or rooms rented in private domiciles. For those that choose off-campus housing, most education institutions offer location assistance, and often rooms availability notices are posted in student centres as well as in local publications.

Regional Highlights
New South Wales presents unique opportunities to expand horizons and experiences. Boating tours, driving excursions, bike trails, and walking tours allow significant insight into a dynamic and exciting country.

The North Coast joins the world's largest sub-tropical rainforests and majestic, rugged mountains. Surfing and boating, scuba and deep sea diving, and mountain trails and hidden valleys bring astounding fun and entertainment for everyone.

The Snowy Mountain region provides all the powder a skier, sled boarder, and snowman aficionado all crystal flakes to fill the heart and dreams.

Lord Howe Island provides soul-nourishing serenity and a haven of seclusion. Allowing only 400 visitors at a time, bicycle transportation is the norm, and no cell phone reception provides respite from troubles and tensions.

More Good-To-Know Information
As when studying or visiting an any foreign country, keep a copy of the complete passport and visa documentation in the chosen lodgings and carry a complete set. Always secure the originals in a safety deposit box or a safe. If a copy gets lost or stolen, it's much easier to replace than the originals.

Become familiar with local ordinances, traffic laws, and customs. The effort taken can forestall tremendous difficulties, misunderstandings, and sometimes significant expense.

Keep in touch with family and friends; never explore new areas alone, and always let someone know where the adventure or tour is going and its agenda. It's always better to travel in pairs or in a group than it is alone, especially after dark.

Benefits of Studying Abroad In New South Wales

One of the greatest opportunities a student can be offered is the chance to study overseas in a different country before they graduate from college. Studying abroad gives a student the chance to continue their education while soaking in the customs, culture, and education practices of a society that is often vastly different from the one they grew up in. Students looking for a truly diverse option in overseas studies should consider spending a semester in New South Wales, Australia. Students visiting Australia will be exposed to the country's unique blend of Western, Eastern, and Aboriginal culture while taking courses at well renowned schools.

New South Wales has the highest concentration of citizens in Australia and encompasses the entire capital territory. The nation's largest city, Sydney, and its capital city, Canberra, are both located within the state of New South Wales, making it one of the most attractive places for international students to study. The region was the first portion of Australia discovered by European travelers when British sailor Captain James Cook sailed along the eastern coast of the country in 1770. Cook originally named the region New Wales but later altered it to be New South Wales. The first British settlement in Australia began in 1788 and over the centuries white settlers would clash with the indigenous Aborigines who are believed to have arrived in Australia between forty and sixty thousand years ago.

Individuals who choose to study abroad in New South Wales will find themselves surrounded by the hustle and bustle of modern society in a state that has about 6.4 million inhabitants. Despite a modern society that may look and feel similar to home, most students, even those from other English speaking countries, can struggle to adjust to the different atmosphere of Australian classrooms.

Students from countries with authoritative and conservative classroom environments may be shocked at first to find classrooms in Australia to be much more laid back. It is not uncommon for students to speak out of turn and openly question their instructors and professors. Teachers in Australian classrooms encourage open communication among their students and often reward them for their efforts with verbal praise and higher grades.

Exams and coursework often differ in Australian classrooms, another hurdle for students to overcome. However, many are likely to enjoy the difference as Australian teachers often craft their exams in a manner that forces students to evaluate and compare coursework topics. This differs greatly from other nations where students are expected to memorize and recite the correct answers or regurgitate that which professors have told them in lectures.

International students can choose from a variety of different institutions in New South Wales to conduct their coursework while studying abroad. New South Wales is home to not only some of the best universities in Australia, but around the globe as well.

Those who choose to study abroad in New South Wales will simultaneously be confronted with a different culture whose modern conveniences make it feel just like home for any student. Australia has become one of the most popular overseas destinations for students, boasting the third largest number of international students in the English speaking world. Visitors will find the environment of New South Wales safe and welcoming, and the curriculum offered across the state meets the highest of standards. The standards set by the Australian government have become internationally recognized.